Welcome to the BCTRIMS 2020


From positivism, the sciences gained momentum and there was a need for specialization for better mastery of specific themes. Concomitantly, knowledge has grown exponentially. Thus, arose Neuroimmunology and the various professionals who gravitate towards multiple sclerosis, NMOSD and related diseases. Translational research has allowed important integration between basic scientists and neurologists, with clinical applicability in less time. Complementary examinations, such as MRI, OCT, antibody dosage and markers such as neurofilaments, have allowed an early diagnosis and better monitoring of neuroimmune diseases.

From another perspective, centered on the patient's quality of life, there are the cognitive, affective, motor, sensory, urogenital difficulties, accessibility, employability issues, among others, which require the integrated participation of a multiprofessional team.

Thus, an event such as BCTRIMS acts as a catalyst, bringing together multiple professionals around a common gravitational center, in which each actor sheds his own light by projecting photons of knowledge to his colleagues.

Welcome to the BCTRIMS universe!

Fernando Coronetti Gomes da Rocha


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